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Lennart M. van Maldegem

Post-doctoral researcher

Address:  142 Mills Rd, 2601, Canberra, Australia




PhD in Geosciences

University of Bremen, Germany


MSc in Geochemistry

University of Leeds, United Kingdom


BSc in Chemistry

Avans University, The Netherlands


Research experience


Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Australian National University             
Project: The Lost World of Complex Life; Brocks Geobiology Laboratory, Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia; Mentored by Jochen Brocks



Doctoral Researcher at The Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry                
Thesis: Molecular and isotopic signatures of life surrounding the Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth Events; Organic Paleobiogeochemistry Group, Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry, Bremen, Germany;Supervised by Christian Hallmann


MSc dissertation project at the University of Leeds
Thesis: Adsorption of Ni(II) to ferrihydrite and ferrihydrite-bacteria composites; Cohen geochemistry research group, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, United Kingdom; Supervised by Caroline Peacock


BSc dissertation project at the Kyungpook National University
Thesis: Cloning and recombinant protein expression of the human Prmt5 gene, Structural Biology Group, Kyungpook National University, Deagu, South Korea; Supervised by Eric DiLuccio


BSc research apprenticeship at the Royal NIOZ                
Report: Purification and quantification of archaeal tetraether lipids; Marine microbiology and biogeochemistry group (MMB), Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), the Netherlands; Supervised by Stefan Schouten


Bisnorgammacerane traces predatory pressure and the persistent rise of algal ecosystems after Snowball Earth (2019) Nature Communications, 10-1 

Van Maldegem, L. M., Sansjofre, P., Weijers, J. W. H., Wolkenstein K., Strother, P. K., Wormer, L., Hefter, J., Nettersheim, B. J., Hoshino, Y., Schouten, S., Sinnighe Damsté, J. S., Nath, N., Griesinger, C., Kuznetsov, N.B., Elie, M., Elvert, M., Tegelaar, E., Gleixner, G., and Hallmann, C.


 Cryogenian evolution of stigmasteroid biosynthesis (2017) Science Advances 3, no. 9 

Hoshino, Y., Poshibaeva, A.,  Meredith, W., Snape, C., Versteegh G. J. M., Kuznetsov, N., Leider, A.,     Van Maldegem, L.M., Neumann, M., Naeher, S., Moczydłowska, M., Brocks, J.J., Jarrett, A.J.M., Tang, Q., Xiao, S., McKirdy, D., Das, S. K., Alvaro, J. J., Sansjofre, P. and Hallmann, C.

Geological alteration of Precambrian steroids mimics early animal signatures (2020) Nature Ecology

       and Evolution 

        Van Maldegem, L. M., Nettersheim, B.J., Leider, A., Brocks, J. J., Adam, P., Schaeffer, P., and

       Hallmann, C.

Substantial maturity influence on carbon and hydrogen isotopic composition of n-alkanes in
       sedimentary rocks 
(2021) Organic Geochemistry

        Vinnichenko, G., Jarrett, A. M.,  Van Maldegem, L. M.and Brocks, J. J.,

 Submitted manuscripts


Redox and community control on Precambrian carbon isotope systematics (under review) 

Van Maldegem, L. M., et al., 


Selected presentations

29th International Meeting in Organic Geochemistry 2019, Gothenburg, SwedenA diagenetic origin for Neoproterozoic 26-alkyl steranes” (oral presentation)

Goldschmidt 2019, Barcelona, SpainLife after the Sturtian” (oral presentation)

Goldschmidt 2018, Boston, USAExtreme heterotrophy after Snowball Earth” (oral presentation)

28th International Meeting in Organic Geochemistry 2017, Florence, ItalyProterozoic carbon isotope systematics are influenced by redox and community composition” (oral presentation, awarded best oral presentation)

2016 Bremen PhD days in Marine Sciences, Etelsen, GermanyOn the Origins of Complex Life” (oral presentation, awarded best oral presentation)

2015 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USAPaleo-environmental reconstruction of ~40ka stromatolites from the ancient Lake Lahontan, Nevada, USA” (Invited oral presentation)

AbSciCon 2015, Chicago, USADynamics of the pre-Sturtian carbon cycle” (oral presentation)

Student (co-)supervision

2018 – Present         Jordan Kinsley (PhD candidate, The Australian National University)      

2018 – Present         Tharika Liyanage (PhD candidate, The Australian National University)             

2018 – Present         Caleb Bishop (PhD candidate, The Australian National University)                

2019 – 2019             Merve Öztoprak (MSc student, University of München, Germany)               

2018 – Present         Claire Patterson (BSc Honours student, Australian National University)     

2020 – Present          Zoe Hills (BSc Honours Student, Australian National University)     


2019 – Present

EMSC3020: Geobiology and the Evolution of Life on Earth (3rd year undergraduate, Australian National University, Course awarded with the 2019 Bear McPhail Excellence in Teaching Award)


EMSC2019: Geobiology and the Evolution of Life on Earth (2nd year undergraduate, The Australian National University)

Workshops and summer schools


Snowball Earth Workshop, IPGP, Paris, France



Building a Habitable Earth, University of Tubingen, Germany



Agouron Geobiology Summerschool, University of Southern California, USA

Community support

2018 - Present

Reviewer for: Organic Geochemistry, GeobiologyPhytochemistry, and Marine Petroleum Geochemistry


Co-organizer of the 20th Australian Organic Geochemistry Conference
Responsible for assembling the program and timetable, catering, booking hotels and flights for invited speakers, conference technology support and design of all visuals.

2015 – 2017 

PhD Representative
Elected representative for the PhD community in all governing bodies within MARUM and GLOMAR at the University of Bremen, Germany.

Field trips and cruises

2019    Mount Kosciuszko, Snowy Mountains, Australia (participant)
2018    Australian Superbasin, Northern Territories, Australia (organizer)
2016    Petershill Formation, Bathgate Scotland (organizer)
2014    Nankoweap Butte, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA (co-organizer)   
2013    Southern Urals, Russia (participant)
2011    NiCycle (II) Cruise on the RV Pelagia (participant)
2010    NiCycle (I) Cruise on the RV Pelagia (participant)

2010 - present

2010 - present

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